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The reason why the room was pink was because on black and white film, hues of red become dark shades of black. Pink is the perfect balance to give it that dark creepy grey.

A related fun fact: while old black and white film was under-sensitive to reds, it was correspondingly over-sensitive to greens. Actors whose characters were meant to have unnaturally pale complexions - like Morticia Addams - would often take advantage of this by wearing makeup with a green base tint in order to make their faces “pop”. This is where the modern trope of cartoon vampires having green skin comes from.

These are some fun fucking facts
Anonymous: "is eating ass important"


Is breathing important


do you ever just think to yourself “fuck my blog is so cool why don’t more people like me”

😂😂 all the time

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"I’m hella out west though, where the buses stop runnin early
 I used to run home, I was scared to walk, people bled at dark
 It’s funny we used to play in chalk, then lay in chalk.”


Arnold & Son TB88 Skeleton in rose gold x McLaren.More of our footage at WatchAnish.com.

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Little Bit (feat. Lykke Li) - Drake

I guess that I’m a little bit,
a little bit, a little bit in love with you

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